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Rapillard Landworks is a trusted provider of professional land clearing and forestry mulching services in Georgia. With a skilled team of experts and specialized equipment, we are committed to transforming overgrown and untamed landscapes into cleared and usable spaces. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or developer, we offer tailored land clearing solutions to meet your specific needs.

Services We Offer

Utilizing our specialized bush hogging/mulching equipment attached to our compact loader, we efficiently mow down and clear overgrown vegetation, maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of your property with precision and speed.

Safely and efficiently eliminate unsightly tree stumps from your property using advanced techniques and equipment, enhancing the aesthetics and usability of your outdoor space.

Trust our experienced team to expertly remove hazardous or unwanted trees, ensuring the safety of your property while improving its visual appeal and preserving the health of surrounding vegetation.

Clear dense vegetation along your property or fence line with our specialized clearing services, increasing security, maximizing usable space, and creating an inviting environment for potential buyers or visitors.

Ensure unobstructed access to utility lines and equipment by clearing vegetation along easements, minimizing the risk of service interruptions and facilitating maintenance operations for utilities companies.

Mitigate the risk of wildfires by strategically creating fire breaks through controlled vegetation clearing, safeguarding your property, nearby communities, and the surrounding environment from potential fire hazards.

Customize your outdoor recreational area by constructing off-road trails and shooting lanes, providing adventure enthusiasts and shooting sports enthusiasts with a safe and enjoyable environment to pursue their hobbies.

Prepare your residential site for construction or landscaping projects with our professional grading services, ensuring a level and stable foundation, proper drainage, and optimal site conditions for the desired development.

Enhance the functionality and appearance of your property with our gravel driveway installation, providing a durable and attractive surface that withstands heavy traffic while adding value to your home or business.

Expertly install culvert pipes to manage water flow and prevent flooding on your property, ensuring effective drainage solutions and protecting your structures and landscaping from water damage.

Safely and efficiently demolish structures, whether residential or commercial, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, while adhering to safety regulations and minimizing environmental impact.

Underbrush control is a meticulous process of managing and removing the dense vegetation that grows beneath the canopy of trees in your landscape. Benefits are; Fire Prevention, Property Value, Healthy Growth, and much more!

Why Choose Us?

Our highly skilled and experienced team is dedicated to delivering top-notch land clearing services, ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with precision and attention to detail, resulting in exceptional outcomes that meet and exceed your expectations. Trust us to transform your land into a clean, well-prepared canvas for your future plans.
Your satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind our workmanship and guarantee that every aspect of our land clearing services will be carried out to your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you're not happy with the results, we will make it right, ensuring that you are fully content with the final outcome of your project.
Rest easy knowing that when you choose Rapillard Landworks, you are protected. In the rare event that something doesn't meet your expectations during our land clearing services, we are committed to promptly addressing any concerns and making it right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mulching is a much less evasive method to clearing, no clean up, no burning. Not only does mulching open the area up with no damage to the big shade trees, it leaves a floor of chips that break down over time and add tons of nutrients to the soil below!

Forestry mulching offers several advantages, including faster and more efficient clearing, reduced soil erosion, minimal disturbance to the land, improved soil health through mulch decomposition, and the ability to selectively clear unwanted vegetation while preserving desired trees and plants. Plus, it will increase the value of your land!

Yes, forestry mulching machines are designed to handle large trees. They can effectively mulch trees up to a certain diameter, depending on the capabilities of the equipment. However, it’s important to consult with the forestry mulching service provider to assess the specific requirements of your project.

You can use the “Contact Us” form below and we will have someone from our team give you a shout!

Meet The Owner

Meet The Owner, Matthew Rapillard

Rapillard Landworks is a contractor specializing in land management needs. We offer many services including, but not limited to: Forestry Mulching, Grading/Residential Site Prep, and Stump Removal.  Matthew attended the University of Georgia where he studied Landscape Architecture. He took his knowledge gained from school joined the landscape construction industry where he quickly learned to build everything he had learned to design.

From operating machinery to having his hands in the dirt Matthew has always loved working with the land. He has taken this passion of transforming landscapes and started Rapillard LandWorks to help others take back and transform their own properties. 

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects, gaining valuable insights and honing my skills in various land clearing techniques. Whether it is site preparation, tree removal, brush clearing, or any other aspect of landworks, you can trust that Rapillard Landworks has the knowledge and capability to tackle the job effectively and efficiently.

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Caleb Cribbs
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Extremely pleased with the results! Everything was mulched just as I requested. I’ll be getting more done in the future and would 100% recommend.

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